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About Us

Moon Music designs innovative, poetic, aerial and reusable scenography, with the main aim of reconnecting artists with audiences and making them dream.

Antoine and Vincent co-develop this project, which is progressing in both Geneva (Switzerland) and Lyon (France).

During events, the Moon Music team expands to include more than a dozen experienced and skilled people, ensuring that these exceptional events run smoothly.

The origins of the project lie in a bold ambition: to revolutionise the events landscape by placing the audience experience at the heart of stage productions.

Each Moon Music scenographic creation strives to amplify this experience, encouraging the emergence of reveries and offering the public greater visibility of the artists in performance.

Moon Music’s works are designed with the needs and constraints of event organisation in mind. They are easily transportable and can be deployed anywhere to inspire audiences around the world. Moon Music can work with artists (musicians, DJs, dancers, singers, etc.) already trained or train new artists, including those already scheduled for an event.

Moon Music’s performances are filmed and broadcast online, offering a second audience – the digital audience – the chance to escape and dream.

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